Hello! I'm Sophia

I'm building Auxpanel, practice intelligence and analytics software for DSOs and large dental practice groups across the US. We bootstrapped it to profitability, which I talk about here.

Before Auxpanel, I helped a couple of startups build and grow their software products (1, 2, 3, and 4). Even longer before that (around 2012), I was a practicing dentist. Some people still know me as Dr. Chou.

I grew up in Shanghai, SF, Chicago, Vancouver BC, and finally Boston, where I'm currently based with my partner, Foy, and our child, Byron. We also live in Manhattan a part of the year.

I enjoy great films, aesthetics, building delightful software products, multigenerational businesses, generative art, amateur gardening, and wild optimism.

Sometimes I angel invest in areas I understand or care about, like healthcare tech (PlushCare, acquired), vertical saas, and AI (Groq).

I recently started sharing books I'm reading. I'd love to hear your recommendations.

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